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Honey Do's Handyman have built a solid reputation as Florida & Texoma most trusted business. Honey Do's Handyman is committed to providing quality service to the community. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners or recommending unnecessary services to customers, believes that a good reputation and consistent service will reap bigger profits in the long run. By being trustworthy, Honey-Dos Handyman believes that they will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community.

1996 they opened Honey-Do's Handyman; which in turn, led to Refined Design- a Kitchen & Bath Design Build Company in Dallas. In 2005 Honey Do's moved to Florida. But they never forgot their costumer with the little job that made them what they are today. , 2021 Honey Do's Handyman opened a branch in Oklahoma & Texas to get back to the company's roots and continue to serve the community today.


For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call

 407-701-9580 FLORIDA,   (580) 550-0588 Oklahoma

we are only a phone call away

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